Residential Pest Control

One of the biggest challenges about owning a home can be about keeping your residence free of pests. Living in a country like India which witnesses extremes of temperatures makes our houses susceptible to multiple attacks from various kinds of unwanted pests.

Fortunately you don’t have to worry about dealing with insects and pests on your own when our team is present to take care of your woes and provide you with effective Residential Pest Control. We have more than 25 years of experience in providing pest control services across all leading cities in India and we take great pride in our quality of customer service.

We start protecting your home by conducting a thorough inspection with a focus on areas that attract pests or allow them access to your house. Our exterminators will perform an initial treatment to rid your home of any existing pests’ post which we will offer you advice on how you can control pests through preventative steps.

Subsequently we will recommend an ongoing pest management program for your home. We are aware of our surroundings and provide environmentally sensitive techniques and a comprehensive approach to pest management.

Types of Treatment

We use the following methods to keep pests out of your home:

Interior Treatments
As part of the Interior Treatment we inspect and treat areas specifically for the pests present inside your house. A combination of residual pesticides, repellents, lures and traps may be used to treat your home based on your concerns.

Boundary Treatment
Through our experience we realize that most of the problem pests reside in the landscape adjoining the house which serves as an entry for them. If these pests are effectively blocked from entering your house there is little need for the application of pest management materials in the interiors of the house. At AVON Pest Control, our Boundary Treatment Service is designed to reduce the need for additional interior treatments should the problem be of such pests.

We understand the responsibility of our work and do not feel that our job is complete until we are sure the pests will not return. We assure you of having a pest free home once we are finished.