Commercial Pest Control

In Pest Control, success starts with precision and that is why you need an expert. Nothing can threaten your reputation quite like an infestation of rodents and insects in your facility. AVON Pest Control has been protecting businesses by combining an understanding of unique customer needs along with a scientific knowledge of pests.

From office buildings to property management, homeowners associations and restaurants, at AVON Pest Control we take care of all your pest management needs. Our tested plan of action gives you the correct form of pest extermination service, every time. Our team of highly trained and uniquely qualified exterminators are supported by supervisors and managers who frequently inspect each account to maintain the highest level of service.

By implementing our Comprehensive Pest Management program, we focus not only on eradicating existing pest problems but also resolve to remove the underlying causes of infestations to deter future pest activity. Our approach combines a collaborative cycle of three critical activities to eliminate any compromise to the quality of goods and services that you provide. Stay rest assured that your business is getting maximum protection with minimum exposure.

Today, AVON Pest Control is trusted by more businesses in India with its presence being across major cities. When you employ our services, you help strengthen the safety, health and security in places where important businesses are located.

At AVON, we give our commercial clients the best and most technologically advanced service in the business. We can take care of a multitude of pest problems, including:

Cockroaches and Other Insects
After careful scrutiny of your facility’s situation we will advise you treatment that will minimize insect infestation at your premises.

Rodent and Animal Management
Our professionals have put together a powerful rodent control program for mice, rats and bats along with a range of baiting, netting, trapping and removal options. With this we effectively map and control entry points which in turn reduces rodent population.

Flying Insect Management
Control of flying pests such as house flies, moths, wasps and bees will always require on-going attention as these insects can go virtually anywhere. Our unique targeted program combines control measures, preventive applications and sanitation consultations. We will imply tactics such as surface spraying, light traps and baits to significantly reduce your flying insect problems.

Bird Control
Finding it difficult to get rid of birds invading your offices and residence? Our program incorporates effective control techniques and systems in a manner that is humane and environmentally responsible.

Drain Line Services
A program designed to keep drain lines and grease traps clean using non-toxic microbes that reduce flying insect problems.

Our Treatment Methodology

At AVON Pest Control, we believe that a thorough inspection is the cornerstone of an effective CPM program. Inspections help identify what types of pests are present and where is the pest activity occurring which helps our team limit the amount of products we need to apply in your facility. During our inspection, we also look for pest conducive conditions, which if identified, can be proactively addressed before they contribute to a pest problem.

Pest monitoring is an important aspect of our commercial pest management program. That’s because pest activity and conducive conditions may not always be present when your AVON Pest Control professional is. By monitoring the facility, we can see what’s happening when we are not around. Monitoring includes the use of glue boards, mechanical traps, insect light traps, pheromone traps, rodent bait and monitoring stations.

Proper pest identification is critical. One species, while similar in appearance to another, may have completely different food preferences, behaviors and tolerances to treatment. Without this knowledge, control efforts could be delayed or fail altogether.

Eliminating potential food sources, breeding sites and harborage (places for them to hide) increases the success for the pest control program. Overloading dumpsters, grease build up in drains and other unsanitary conditions will only hamper efforts to achieve a pest-free facility. Proper sanitation measures in place also reduce the need for product application into the environment. Your AVON Pest Control technician will inspect for sanitation problems and provide recommendations on how to improve.

Keeping insects and rodents out eliminates the need for product application. In some sensitive commercial environments or pest situations, product application may not even be an option. Identifying pest entry points and recommending permanent solutions is the responsibility of every AVON Pest Control service professional. In some cases, your technician may perform minor pest-proofing with sealants or barrier materials to keep pests out. Larger pest exclusion projects, such as replacing door seals or bird netting, are available at a separate tariff.

Harborage Reduction
Like us, along with food and water, most pests also need shelter. Eliminating as many resting or nesting sites as possible reduces the overall pest population a building can hold as well as making it easier to locate the pest or signs of activity. Your AVON Pest Control technician will identify places where pests hide, whether active or potential and recommend the best solution for correction.

Mechanical Controls
In the simplest terms, mechanical controls are traps that capture and hold or kill pests. Based on the requirements of your facility or its design and conditions, we will recommend a strategic placement of traps, such as multi-catch rodent traps or insect light traps, to intercept pests before they can enter and potentially contaminate sensitive areas of your facility.

Environmental Controls
Did you know installing a rock barrier may be effective in preventing rodent burrowing? Likewise, lessening the amount of water on a lawn to avoid standing water may reduce or eliminate midges. That’s because rodents and midges, along with other pests, have preferred environmental conditions. For some insects, altering the ambient air temperature or relative humidity can prove lethal while strategic placement and selecting the right type of bulb for any exterior lighting may attract less night-flying insects. Your AVON Pest Control professional will identify conditions that, if corrected, will prove helpful in reducing pest problems.

Product Application
While seemingly the most obvious part of your CPM program, product application should be viewed as a last resort when pest activity is present or highly anticipated. Selecting the right product for the pest is also critical to success. The wrong active ingredient, formulation or bait attractant will allow pest activity to flourish while introducing an unneeded product into the environment.

In a world of increased regulatory and customer scrutiny, it is important that your CPM program not only delivers results but also documents the process to prove it was done in a legal manner. AVON Pest Control professionals are trained to provide comprehensive documentation of pest activity, conducive conditions and product application. We record the initiation of the services right from our first inspection and save the same to our database. A detailed report on our analysis is shared with the customers post completion of our services.

Maintenance Programs and Comprehensive Pest Control
After our initial treatment, we also create a control map for long-term risk of pest problems as well. Our pest control technicians professionally evaluate your building and then create a comprehensive plan combining pest deterrence, physical barriers and suggestions on how to eliminate attracting pests and well as periodic application of pest control agents and annual inspections.