Bird Control

A common woe seen across homes these days is the influx of birds. Bird droppings are unattractive on a residence or a corporate office. In warehouses also it can cause very serious loss to business due to contamination of the stored products.

AVON Pest Control has stepped up to provide humane solutions to all your bird related concerns.

Typical bird control woes encountered:

The main species that create bird control problems are Pigeons, Mynas and Sparrows.

They cause problems like:

  • Bird droppings – Foul deposit on buildings, cars, stock or materials
  • Nesting in or on buildings – Clogging drains, encouraging insect infestation
  • Spreading disease – Bird excreta carries fungal and bacterial disease
  • Noise Pollution – Calling of cooing pigeons

What to do if you have a bird problem?

If you have a bird problem the first step to is to speak to our bird control representative. At AVON Pest Control, we come with 25 years of experience and offer a wide range of bird control problems across residential, commercial and institutional places. Our qualified experts and control specialists offer:

  • Traditional proofing techniques such as bird wire, netting and bird spiking
  • Electric or gel deterrents
  • Humane bird trapping and egg or nest removal
  • Chemical cleaning of bird droppings

We understand the responsibility of our work and do not feel that our job is complete until we are sure the pests will not return. We assure you of having a pest free facility once we are finished.